I use art as a means of expression, words as motivation, life as an opportunity, and time as reality.

It has been a long time since I wrote in this blog, and I do it with a clear mind and a fervent desire to contribute something good to my readers.

I have spent my entire life in constant change. My mind is restless, and my spirit is somewhat restless and eager to contribute to the joy and growth of others.

Finding oneself is not easy, and in my case, I have resisted in many aspects to the nature of my soul, denying the philanthropic feeling that lies within me.

Art has allowed me to live, express myself, and feel fulfilled. I have loved it since forever, and I am fortunate to be an artist. It required courage and dedication to develop my skills, and I learned throughout the process that it is worth the risk to give everything for it.

I am not an example of anything, but I will use my words and the available means to motivate people’s personal fulfillment, disregarding their age, economic situation, or any other obstacle that hinders the realization of their dreams.

There is no better moment than NOW to be happy!

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