A resounding success at the premiere of Alejandro Londoño’s play “Má”!

Last night, Teatro La Fanfarria witnessed an unforgettable premiere of the acclaimed play “” by artist Alejandro Londoño. The theater was packed with eager spectators who were ready to experience this emotional and entertaining production, which received a standing ovation and evoked a wide range of emotions.

“Má” is a touching and comedic theatrical piece that immerses us in the typical experiences of childhood, reminding us of the cherished moments that make us think of our mothers. With its nostalgic and humorous approach, Alejandro Londoño has created a work that pays tribute to all mothers.

The performances of the talented actors Carolina Moreno, portraying the mother, and Cristian Clavijo, in the role of Albeiro, were magnificent. Their stage presence was met with thunderous applause and tears of emotion from the audience. At the end of the play, Alejandro Londoño, on behalf of the entire production team, presented two commemorative plaques to the actors in recognition of their outstanding performances.

The audience responded overwhelmingly to the emotional depth of the play. The applause and tears were clear evidence of the profound connection and resonance that “Má” generated in each viewer.

As the grand finale, the song “,” performed by El Mono Betancur, played at the end of the play, enhancing the theatrical experience in an exceptional way. This beautiful song has been available on music platforms since May 6th.

During the premiere of “Má,” we were honored to have the presence of renowned comedian Cristian Vidales, who joined the cast alongside Alejandro Londoño in the creation of the dramaturgy.

It is worth noting that “Má” is an artistic project that Alejandro Londoño has dedicated to honoring mothers. We sincerely appreciate the support of the audience and their contribution to the development and continuity of this marvelous production.

The success of the premiere of “Má” is a testament to the talent and dedication of the entire production team, as well as the special connection the play establishes with the audience. We invite you to seize the opportunity in upcoming shows to immerse yourself in the touching and entertaining story of “Má” and experience a theatrical work that celebrates the love and importance of mothers in our lives.


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