Marathon recording session of Alejandro Londoño at JJB

Last Sunday, Alejandro Londoño was busy at JJB Producciones recording studio working on his upcoming song “Sale el Sol”. The song is the second one Londoño has recorded for his next album, which will move away from the heartbreak songs that identified his previous work, seeking instead to bring joy to people’s hearts with his music.

Producer Rosemberg Serna accompanied Londoño during the recording, which lasted until the early hours of the morning. The song “Sale el Sol” remains influenced by the music of the 80s, a style that has been a constant in Londoño’s music career.

Currently, it is not known whether Londoño will release the songs one by one or if they will be included in a single album, but what is clear is that a change in his music and a more positive approach to the lyrics of his new songs can be expected.


Al final está lo importante. Gracias por apoyarme siempre #musica #music #canciones

♬ sonido original – Alejandro Londoño

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